Class Dismissed

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The very first class was held yesterday at the Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center.  Did you know that the Saclan Tribe that lived along Lafayette Creek used ground up buckeyes (which are toxic) to stun the fish they caught?  Neither did we.  Learn more at the Lafayette Historical Society.

Generally well behaved students at Janet Thomas’ class on our creekside ecology.

Learn about the creekside ecosystem this saturday

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Saturday, June 2   3 – 5 pm    The Creekside Ecosystem
Join environmental science teacher, Janet Thomas, as she guides us through the world of plants and animals that exist within our beautiful creekside habitat.  We’ll learn about the natural history and ecology of the garden area, and how to identify common riparian plants.  We’ll observe what we learn first hand as we take a short walk along the Costa Trail that borders Lafayette Creek and the Community Garden.  Register here.

View of the Lafayette Community Garden on Tuesday, May 29, 2012