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Coming This Summer – Experiencing Native Ways – An Online Morning Camp – July 20-23

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Original Native cultures, and children, inherently know life supportive values.  With that, this online camp offers your child an immersion in the Native traditions of personal naming, dwellings and diet adaptive to regional resources, tool making and the arts, accompanied by Native music and story telling.

Because of the Corona Virus, this camp will take place online using zoom.

To register or for more information, click here.



Annual Review – Season 8

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WE ARE CLOSED FOR NORMAL OPERATIONS FROM OCTOBER 26, 2019 – MARCH 16, 2020. Please come visit during the 2020 season.

Growing Tomatoes on May 7 | 3:00 – 4:30PM

LCG and OLC ANNUAL REVIEW for the 2019 year (our eight season):

The Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center is located at 3932 Mt. Diablo Boulevard on land owned by EBMUD and leased to the City of Lafayette. Rent for the land is paid annually to the City by the garden through a sub-license agreement with Sustainable Lafayette, our 501C3 fiscal sponsor. From January through October 2019, the Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center served the community by improving the health and aesthetic quality of the land, growing organic food and educating garden members and the public about many aspects of the natural environment.

The following improvements were made to the property from January – October 2019:

  • We planted ten native, perennial, drought tolerant plants along the street and within the garden and propagated and planted an additional thirty native seedlings in the oak area.
  • We brought in five cubic yards of compost and other organic amendments for preparation of beds each time a new crop was planted. This was used in addition to compost created on site.
  • We cleared and amended an area five feet by twenty feet on the northwest corner of the parking lot and established a butterfly and pollinator habitat. We planted milkweed and other flowering plants and then added mulch. We established drip watering to that area.
  • We created a labyrinth from natural materials found within the garden.
  • We brought in two cubic yards of gravel to add to the surface of the labyrinth and to improve the surface and integrity of the new pollinator area walkway and parking lot.
  • We covered the garden walking surfaces with “urban walk-on” mulch from Ecomulch.
  • We continued to weed extensively and removed poison oak from numerous areas.
  • We hired Traverso Tree Service to both remove dead and dying branches from 3 oak trees.

In addition, we continued to do the following:

  • We maintained community garden membership of eighty families, or about 120 people, and opened the garden to community visitors during our work hours.
  • We used bio-intensive methods to grow thirty-five beds of vegetables. We used compost to amend our soil. We rotated crops, planted densely to optimize resources and used companion plants and flowers to enhance growing.       We shared over 3000 pounds of harvest among garden members, with excess taken to Belle Terre Senior Housing.
  • We propagated most of our plants. In the greenhouse we used heating pads and a swamp cooler to modify the temperature. Excess seedlings were donated to schools and community members.
  • We maintained a large, redwood worm bin, from which we gathered amendment “castings”.
  • We continued to improve the organization and communication among propagation, crop teams and the membership. Schedules for both planting and harvest were shared by teams with the garden director and members and work tasks were organized accordingly. A weekly email was sent to all garden members describing weekly events and tasks.
  • We continued to offer classes and workshops to community members of all ages through our education program. We held a series of monthly adult courses covering a variety of topics. We also held interactive intergenerational workshops.
  • We nurtured a new brood of 16 hens and established them in our state of the art chicken coop to replace our aging chickens.
  • We continued to use less water than many single use homes in Lamorinda, taking advantage of state of the art drip irrigation and mulching practices.
  • We maintained our partnership with Contra Costa Master Gardeners. The Master Gardeners did a “grand rounds” of the garden during their monthly visit. On three occasions they gave workshops to the community and garden members.
  • We began utilizing our redwood seed lending library.
  • We offered Boy and Girl Scouts Eagle and Gold Scout opportunities. Scouts built new garden benches and a viewing area around the chicken coop.
  • We gave tours to school and community groups, hosted our 8th annual Harvest Festival and advertised our open community hours with signage on the street.

The Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center – Board of Directors

Janet Thomas, John Eaton, Kim Overaa, Susan Dannenfelser, Michael DiPretoro and Jenny Ayers


An Immersive Summer Day Camp

By Community Events, Kids

In the Spirit of the Local Saclan Miwok

Enter our village time and place of the Saclan Miwoks. Here, we will explore Nature’s plants, trees, and animals. We will make necklaces, clapper sticks, acorn meal, arrow shafts, and celebrate with native music and foods. Soon, as now a Miwok, you may want to stay longer.

Dates: Tuesday, July 9 to Friday, July 12 |8:30 to 11:30AM daily
Ages: 8-12 years old
Fee: $65*
Registration deadline: June 10

*Full payment due at registration. A full refund minus a $30 processing fee for camp cancellation until May 31. No refunds issued on and after June 1.

To register for this or other classes, go to our Featured Events page.

Celebrating 7 Years This Sunday!

By Open House

From parking lot to fruitful garden…we have much to celebrate. What was once a road, parking lot and staging area is now mostly a cooperative vegetable garden where members work together, in teams or individually, but share in the produce.

This Sunday, September 23, we invite the community to visit the Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center as we celebrate the end of the 2018 season at our 7th Annual Harvest Festival.


The garden was established in  the spring of 2012 after three years of planning by a small group of Lafayette community members. It has become a place for community members to grow food, learn about the local ecosystem and organic gardening and contribute back to our community.

The gates swing open to the public from 11AM and the festivities will last until 3PM. There will be many activities and speakers. Please come check out what we have to offer. The event is FREE.

11:00  Welcome
11:30 – 12:00  Raising Chickens: Papa John Kiefer
12:00 – 12:30  Worm Composting -Linda Mizes
11:00 – 2:30    Food, Community Tabling, Games, Displays, Crafts, Card Sales, Scarecrow-making
11:30 and 12:30  Garden Tours
12:30 – 1:00   Flute Music by member Pamela Halloran
1:00 – 2:00   Saklan Material Culture: “Doc” Jim Hale will discuss the plants, animals, and natural resources used by the Bay Miwok Saklans
2:00 – 2:30   Beekeeping: Jan Pinkerton-Spieth
2:30 – 3:00   Flute Music by member Pamela Halloran
2:50 – 3:00   Closing (Winner of popcorn count)

*Included are finger food, sandwiches, tea, water and lemonade.