Seeds (our earliest supporters)

Our earliest supporters purchased beautiful garden tiles that were created and donated by Susan Dannenfelser.

Steve Richard
Carl Anduri
Peggy Young
Michele Claman-Garza
Siamack Sioshansi
Nooshy Mabasher
Jim Coyle
Emma Bishopp
Louise Morgan
Jamie and Martha Harris
Merry Wingfield
Rebecca Calahan Klein
Jillian Standish
Linda Bowers
Debra Coggins
Mel Burman
Kim Curiel
Rick Reed
Heidi Plumb
Karol Dondero
Matt Geiser
Barbara Irias
Nanette Heffernan
Scott and Marilyn Honegger
Sydney Jo Spencer
Susan Hahn
Beth Ferree and John Eaton
Paul and Glenda Fillinger
Erling Horn
Clay Jensen
Sandi Lutsko
SherrillΒ and William McGrane
Barbara and Jeff Beck
Nancy Schlatter
Jenny Kallio
Susan Harris
Michael Melewicz
Stefanie and Jim West
Jennifer Strauser

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