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Please join us for one or all of our classes at the Lafayette Community Garden across from the Reservoir.  These classes are interactive, informative, fun, and, generally, FREE*, so come join us and prepare to get your hands dirty!

March 15 | 1:00 – 1:30PM
18 and up

Dudley Braun and the Construction Team from the Community Garden have perfected the art of building raised beds. They will show you what they have learned and send you home with a simple handout so you can build your own.

March 15 | 1:30PM – 3:00PM
18 and up

Get your garden ready for a new season of growing! Join Bay Friendly Landscape Professional, Master Composter and Garden Educator Lori Caldwell to learn the basics of preparing a productive, healthy vegetable garden. Topics will include: healthy soil building, seeds versus starts, crop rotation, transitioning from a fall garden or starting from scratch, plant choice by season and non-toxic pest control. This is a great class for beginning and intermediate gardeners.

March 21 | 1:00 – 2:00PM
Children 3 and up (accompanied by an adult)

As the earth turns to Spring, the garden plants all curl toward the sun. Come explore with us the twists and turns of growing things. Storytime, discovery and crafty curls at the Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center in partnership with the Lafayette Library and Leaning Center.

*Classes, unless otherwise specified, are FREE, although a $5 donation per participant/$10 per family is appreciated.

Please check below to indicate which sessions you’ll be attending:

Our Mission:  To inspire and motivate citizens of all ages to share and increase their knowledge about the importance of sustainable growing practices which promote a healthier community and earth.

Our endeavors will be guided by four fundamental values:

  1. Nature Is Our Teacher
  2. Sustainability Is A Community Practice
  3. The Real World Is The Optimal Learning Environment
  4. Sustainable Living Is Rooted In A Deep Knowledge Of Place

(The wording of these values is borrowed from Smart By Nature ™  a learning framework developed by the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley.)

The primary mechanisms for achieving our mission are to:

  • Use our garden site to teach about organic gardening, the riparian ecosystem and local Native American culture
  • Provide classes that focus on inter-generational learning of sustainable practices
  • Inform the community about other learning opportunities, activities and practices
  • Partner with other institutions to support sustainable living education.

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  5. I just signed my kiddos up for the secret garden program this Thursday, July 24. Only my son and his caregiver will be attending from 9-10. Thanks!


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